The Inx Solution

It's time for a modern approach to today's real estate closing process. But people-intensive processes and inconsistent requirements and standards for closing documents make this difficult at best. 


What if a solution could provide both a modern approach to our real estate closings while still meeting all of the heavily regulated closing requirements?

Inx uses innovative technology and a patented digital pen to enable the capture of both electronic and wet-ink signatures for every document in your closing package. With Inx, not only do you have a complete digital closing package that can immediately be published and accessed by lenders, buyers and sellers with the appropriate permissions, you also have wet-ink signatures on each and every document that can be used for any post-closing need that requires an original signature. And Inx consistently offers this same flexibility whether you are handling the closing in your office or remotely.

How Inx Works


  • First, the Inx process quickly applies a unique identifying dot pattern to each document that is included in the closing package and then these documents are printed on a standard, laser printer. It is important to note that there is absolutely no document field definition needed during this process. With Inx, there's no need to overhaul documents created by the agent. And Inx will work with any documents created and collected by parties outside of your company.


  • Then, at closing, the buyer and seller use a patented digital pen with an internal camera and a ball point cartridge to initial, sign and date all of the closing documents. The camera in the digital pen coordinates with the patterned documents to collect and time/date stamp every pen stroke on every document while also capturing the GPS coordinates of the signing location. In states that allow electronic notaries, your notary will also have an Inx pen associated specifically to them and, when they sign, the Inx technology will place their electronic notary seal on the documents. Simultaneously, wet ink signatures are secured by the ball point pen.


  • The digital pen works in tandem with the Inx smart phone app which securely transmits the data and any accompanying attachments, like an image of a photo ID, to the Inx system for processing. Within moments, Inx processes the documents and returns the digital closing package, complete with tamper evident seals, to your production system. The documents no longer have the Inx pattern on them and are ready to transmit to lenders, for all post-closing activities and can immediately be published and made available to any parties that have been given authorization to view them.

This intuitive, highly flexible technology has many benefits:

Low cost of entry.

For a minimal initial investment, you can secure the equipment that you need to get started using Inx in your operation today.

Speed of processing.

With Inx, immediately after signing, you have a complete digital closing package. From there, any or all of those documents can be published and made immediately accessible to anyone with permissions to access. And this happens instantly with no scanning and no need to find an internet connection.

Absolutely no document field definition needed.

With the Inx solution, there's no need to overhaul documents created by the agent and Inx will work with any documents created and collected by parties outside of your company.

Effortless Adoption.

Inx will seamlessly integrate into your current closing processes with little or no change to the way that you handle your closings today!

Quick Deployment.

The Inx solution is simple and intuitive, with minimal technical specifications. That means with very little training and configuration, your operation can be up and running and using this solution for your closings very quickly!

Fraud Reduction.

Date and time stamped pen strokes are linked to GPS signing coordinates and enable signing location confirmation. Photos and other documentation can also easily be attached for identity verification. And the final, executed Inx digital closing package is discretely wrapped in a tamper evident seal that offers even more security.

Increased Efficiency.

Minimize internal processing costs and eliminate the need to track down 3rd party providers to fulfill trailing document requests.

Quality Control.

The Inx solution delivers the digital documents to your system immediately after signing so you have the opportunity for quality review while the borrowers are still at the closing.

Adaptable to Your Environment.

The Inx solution is highly versatile. It can easily be integrated with any title and settlement production or loan origination solution on the market today.

Advancing Mobile Notarization.

Documents are returned to the title company from remote closings within minutes with notary signature and seal. This can be used to perform E-Notarizations in states that allow electronic notaries.

Let us show you how easy it is to bring this digital closing solution to your operation today!

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